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Champorcher Valley

Welcome to Aosta Valley!

Champorcher Valley is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Italian districts, Aosta Valley.

Champorcher Valley is the first valley you find on the left, when entering Aosta valley, on the orographic right of the river Dora Baltea, near the town of Bard (400 m above sea level) in which a fortress with the same name is located.

Crossing the river Dora Baltea you arrive at the town of Hône, (364 m above sea level). Going up the valley, you meet the town of Pontboset (780 m above sea level) and then the town of Champorcher (1.427 m above sea level).

The towns of Bard, Hône, Pontboset and Champorcher are all in the district of Aosta; each of them has got its own history, a strong identity and great beauty to be discovered.

Champorcher Valley is entirely crossed by torrent Ayasse which springs up from the alpine lake Miserin, situated at 2,580 m of altitude and which flows into the Dora Baltea after 23 Km in the nearby of Hône. Torrent Ayasse is also a fishing ground for trout and in some parts it creates deep throats which form spectacular falls by excavating the stone.

Some territories of Champorcher Valley are part of the Natural Park of Mont Avic which covers 5,747 hectares. In this park you can find the largest forest of mountain pine (pinus uncinata) of Aosta Valley. From the town of Champorcher, hiking trails twist and turn, leading to lakes, cols and forests of the park where numerous examples of alpine flora and fauna live.

From Champorcher, also the Aosta Alta Via n. 2 leading to Courmayeur starts. It is named "naturalistic course" as it crosses the Regional Park of Mont Avic and the National Park of Gran Paradiso in its first stretch.

In the territory of Champorcher, along the first itinerary, you enter in the splendid Dondena wide valley which used to be king Vittorio Emanulele II of Savoy's favourite destination. There, Vittorio Emanulele II had some hunting residences built, which became the starting point of his throw-offs, so that the whole area turned into his royal game preserve. In order to access Dondena wide valley, the king had a road built which still nowadays is called "royal road" and whose building is reminded in a stone engraving at Echelly.

In winter, the ski area of Champorcher Valley, which is part of Monterosa ski, offers more than 21 km of slopes and it reaches the maximum altitude of 2,500 m on the top of Cimetta Rossa. From Cimetta Rossa it is possible to admire the majesty of Mount Cervino, of Mount Rose and the coveted alpine summits of Champorcher: the Rosa dei Banchi and Mount Glacier.

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