Il borgo di Bard
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Bard (400 m above sea level) is the smallest town of Aosta Valley and it is part of the most beautiful villages of Italy for its historical, landscape and tourist characteristics. It is situated inside a gorge where the valley meets its narrowest point and it is dominated by the imposingness and authority of the fortress of Bard. It once was the only way for the Consular Roman road to Gaul and it used to be a safe fortification against invasions.

The fortress of Bard has been skilfully renovated and today it represents a new cultural pole for the Western Alps with its wide didactic and expository areas and a European cultural centre which organizes events and exhibitions all year round.

In the medieval village of Bard, you can find buildings dating back to the XV and XVI century which are characterized by constructions joined one another by arches with mullioned windows, such as the noble Nicole's palace, the Sundial House, the Bishop House, Valperga House, Ciucca House and Challant House.

In the surrounding area, there is a remarkable archaeological and geological site with rock engravings on very big stones, witnessing human settlement since the Neolithic. In this geological site there are also formations of rocks called "Marmitte dei giganti", proof of the existence of the old glacier which once extended in the Dora Baltea Valley.

The "Noel au Burg" is the nativity scene which is along the streets of the village from 5th December to 6th January every year and, together with the living nativity held on the Christmas night, it offers relevant emotions.

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