The village of Champorcher
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In the town of Champorcher (1,427 m above sea level), called Château, there are the old remains of the medieval castle of the Lords of Bard, whose ancient crenellated tower survives in very good conditions. Close to the tower, there is the church of Saint Nicholas, tracing back to the XV century, whose belfry contains a bell made in 1548. Inside the church of Saint Nicholas there are precious richly decorated wooden altars in baroque style and a museum of sacred art.

In Champorcher, the hemp canvas spinning and weaving have been important artisan activities until the mid of 1900 and in Chardonney, hamlet of Champorcher, it is still possible to attend the cloth working following the ancient tradition. In Chardonney there is also the hemp eco-museum in which you can see an old manual wooden loom and a warper.

From Champorcher, the valley reaches the wide valley of Dondena and the lake Miserin, on whose shore is the sanctuary of Notre-Dame des Neiges. Every 5th August there is the celebration of Our Lady of the snow.

The community of Champorcher, leaving from the parochial church at night in a procession holding torches, sets out for the sanctuary which is met after 4 hours walk after having gathered with the community of Cogne, Valsoana and Fénis.

In each hamlet of Champorcher there is an oven for bread baking. In these ovens, every first Saturday of August, people bake the valued rye bread mixed with chestnuts, walnuts, figs and raisin.

In Champorcher there are many itineraries which are accessible on foot, by mountain bike and horse-riding, as in these last years, we are recording a remarkable development of sport activities linked to nature, such as hiking, trekking, climbing, kayaking and Nordic walking.

The ski-lifts for the ski-area of Champorcher, run by Monterosa Sky Society, departs from Chardonney. There it is possible to practice downhill skiing, snowboard, ski mountaineering, telemark and snow shoes hiking. In the pinewood, which is in between locality Château and Chardonney, running along torrent Ayasse, the fans of cross country skiing find a 5 km homologated trail.

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