The village of Hône
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The town of Hône (364 m above sea level), surrounded by the mountains, is situated on the North of Dora Baltea at the entrance of Champorcher Valley and it is delimited by Torrent Ayasse on the east and by the sluice of Bard.

Hône was already inhabited during the Bronze and Iron Age. Actually shelters cut into the rock, called "balme", have been found together with hollowed out stones, that are rocks where small concave holes in the shape of a cup have been carved and which possibly had a religious meaning.

In the town of Hône there is the ancient church of San Giorgio, described in a bull of Pope Alexander III in 1176. In this church there are some artefacts of artistic value, such as the three golden wooden altars, the walnut carved pulpit representing the legend of Saint George and the splendid choir, carved and decorated with caryatids.

Starting from Hône, you can find numerous tracks leading to panoramic places, such as the panoramic viewpoint of Pourcil and the Serra di Biel, whereas for the fans of rock climbing there are the Placche di Oriana, two rocky walls surrounding the Col Courtil.

Every 8th December, the town of Hône celebrates the "Feuhta de la mic̣oula", celebration of the local traditional sweet bread which was recognized Traditional Agri-food Product (P.A.T.) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry policies in 2011.
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