The village of Pontboset
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The medieval town of Pontboset (780 m above sea level) is in the middle of Champorcher Valley and it is surrounded by thick chestnut woods whose lumber was used as fuel for the industrial activities of the valley.

In Pontboset there are six stone bridges in Romanic style. They were originally built in the XVII century, under the domination of the noble family of Bard. In the same period, an important foundry called "fabbrica dei chiodi" was built.

Numerous tracks lead to mountain pastures and to pristine mountain destinations, like the Retempio sanctuary from where one can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Mount Rose and Cervino; or like the Ratus ravine and the hike through an ancient track made up of stone steps leading to the village of Barmelle.

The six-bridges hike, which crosses three torrents, is also very suggestive.

More demanding hikes lead towards the five lakes of the Vallone della Manda and the Brenve high ground, which reach 2,778 m on the Monte dei Corni and 2.622 m on Mount Debat.

Every year, on 2nd July, the population takes part in the procession to Retempio sanctuary. Another consolidated tradition is the chestnut feast which takes place in Autumn.

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