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The mountain of Champorcher Valley offers the possibility to practice different sport activities in summer.

Champorcher Valley is a real paradise for fishers who can take on the fishing of the delicious yellow trout in the reserve of Ayasse torrent, among rocks and small falls. Along the torrent there are different bridges which allow passing from one bank to the other comfortably making it easier to find the ideal spot. The period in which it is possible to fish goes from April and October.

Rock climbing is one of the most beautiful alpine activities and enthusiasts can find areas of different levels and difficulty in Champorcher Valley. Starting from Bard to Champorcher, numerous rock climbing walls are available and equipped so as to render sport climbing safe: Monte Charvatton, Placche di Oriana, Vallone delle Lisette, Serra di Biel, Monte Courmoney, Area Bistecca, and many others.

High altitude alpine hikes are always an unforgettable experience. Far from din, on well traced tracks, it is possible to reach silent peaks and typical high mountain landscapes. You can choose among one or more days- itineraries, with overnights in shelters and with the possibility of being accompanied by alpine guides.
Given that on the mountain it is better safe than sorry, it is advisable to be dressed in a proper way, to be fit and check the weather conditions.
In the high Champorcher Valley, starting from Dondena, you can reach the Rosa dei Banchi (3,163 m above sea level) which still keeps a small glacier, Punta Tersiva (3,512 m above sea level) and Mont Glacier (3,185 m above sea level).

Cycling in Champorcher Valley is a unique and demanding experience, just consider the fact that Champorcher was the goal for amateur Giro d'Italia and it offers emotions to both relaxed cyclers and daring downhillers.
At locality Chardonney it is possible to take the cable car together with you own bike and get to locality Laris (1,930 m above sea level) from where different itineraries depart, among mountain peaks and crystal lakes.
The hard climbs, suitable for fit cyclers, would be rewarded with marvellous panoramas.

Champorcher Valley is particularly popular among hikers. A net of tracks allows sportsmen, health-lovers, old people and families walking in the magnificent scenario of the valdostano mountain landscape among prehistoric, Romanic and medieval evidences, pine forests, torrents, alpine lakes, gorges and ridges.
High altitude destinations are reachable via cable car which leaves from locality Chardonney and reaches locality Laris. From locality Laris various tracks depart towards panoramic spots from where you would enjoy the splendid view of the Rosa dei Banchi glacier, the Mount Rose and Cervino massifs.
As an alternative, you could reach locality Dondena by travelling through the beautiful localities of Grand Mont Blanc and Petit Mont Blanc. The fittest ones could then reach Miserin sanctuary. Going ahead, you get the Col Finestra, boundary place between Champorcher and Cogne valley; the landscapes you meet there are of a rare beauty.
The emotional impact is very high: pine forests and grazing lands all around you, surrounded by majestic alpine peaks.

Mounting the saddle in Champorcher Valley makes you live beautiful experiences in harmony with nature. Children and adults find there all what they wish: well-trained horses, skilled instructors and itineraries with different levels of difficulty. All horse-riding lovers would find pleasant places to practice their favourite sport and spend their holiday in contact with animals and nature.

Ayasse is a very difficult torrent and it is considered one of the most challenging water ways of the world by canoeists. It actually presents, in the area of Pontboset, a narrow and steep gorge with extreme difficulties, fifth and sixth class rapids and a series of extraordinary passages with 50 m long slides. Navigating Ayasse torrent excites Kayak lovers from all over the world.
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