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In the towns of Bard, Hône, Pontboset and Champorcher there are different shops where it is possible to buy local handicrafts of elevated artistic value. Wood working has been handed down from generation to generation and nowadays you can find furniture, friendship cups, "grolle" and other numerous inlaid objects. The craftsmen of the valley also realise beautiful sculptures in soapstone and wood. Hemp cloths, which are spun and worked on old wooden looms (towels with laces and embroidery, painted aprons, curtains, lace tablecloths and custom-made clothes) have to be considered real works of art.

Mountain pastures
In Champorcher Valley there are numerous mountain pastures where genuine cheese and dairy products are sold. The summer medium duration of dairy products is 100 days during which bovines of valdostano race graze and give raw material for high quality dairy products, such as the Fontina DOP, butter and the "tome", Mountain pastures are becoming educational places as they host people to show and explain them their productive processes. The easiest one to reach is at locality Laris, at the arrival of the cable car which departs from Chardonney. Others are at Petit Mont Blanc and Dondena, always in the town of Champorcher.

Champorcher pinewood
The pinewood of Champorcher is at Chardonney around the banks of Ayasse torrent. This area of 5 hectares is mainly composed by larch trees and red spruce and in summertime is the ideal place for picnics. It can host about 450 people, there is a parking of 220 places, 70 tables, 29 barbecue stations, 4 drinking trough and a playground for children. Three chalets are used as toilets. The area has also been thought for disabled people who can use 4 adequate tables and toilets. In wintertime this area is part of the cross-country skiing track.

The library of Hône
The library of Hône was born in 1983; it is located in the town centre in via Chanoux and it offers a free internet access via wi-fi. The building is made up of 4 floors which are dedicated to a specific section of the library. The basement houses a meeting and projection room and another room for training courses; on the ground floor you can find the children section and an area dedicated to the study and consultation where a pc is at disposal. On the first floor there is the adult section whereas the second floors is reserved to newspapers and periodicals. The library is accessible for disabled as it is equipped with a lift and adequate toilets.

The library of Champorcher
The library "Pierino Danna" is inside the town-hall of Champorcher, in locality Chateau. It started its activity in 1978, therefore it seems to be one of the first libraries for public reading in Aosta Valley. The library offers various services and it has library materials of different genres. You can find both internal and external services of bibliographic information, volumes and periodicals lending. You also have topographic catalogues divided into author and subject at disposal, while a particular section of the library is dedicated to children. The library holdings is considerable as you can find more than 4,200 texts in volumes and booklets.

Cave Cooperatives de Donnas
The Cave de Donnas gathers the vine growers of the area of Bard, Donnas, Perloz and Pont-Saint-Martin. The cooperative is equipped with modern wine-making machineries and ageing oak barrels. It produces red, white and rosť wines of high quality marked as D.O.C. such as the Donnas, the Barmet, the Napoleon, the Larmes du Paradis and the Pinot Gris. The Dernier Soleil is produced with Pinot Gris grapes harvested late and whose must is fermented and lately barriqued; the result is a very particular wine.

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